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نانو آبگریز کننده

Nano water repellents products

Nano water repellents products of Coupel Shimi Sepahan Company with COUPSYL brand are used to hydrophobic all types of building surfaces. These products are marketed as both water-based and solvent-based.

پروژه سطوح سیمانی رنگ‌ شده با رنگ مایع بتن

concrete acid stain colors

Copel Shimi Sepahan Company, as the first and only producer of reactive concrete colors (concrete acid stain) in Iran, produces and markets this type of paints, which are in liquid form, in 10 different color shades.

مایع سخت کننده سطح بتن

lithium concrete densifier & hardener

Lithium-based concrete hardeners are the newest and most efficient products to improve the quality and increase the hardness and impermeability of all types of concrete surfaces and floors that act as penetrators and reactants.

فرمول شیمیایی نانو آبگریز کننده

silane coupling agents

Silane coupling agents are a component of alkoxysilanes, a major component of the large family of organosilicons. Which are based on the organic metal compounds of silicon. These materials are used in most different industries.

Company Introduction

The Couple Shimi Sepahan Company started its activities in 2013 for the purpose of producing silicate-based chemicals and filling the lack of domestic production of these chemicals, in an area of 3500 square meters in the Razi industrial park, with obtaining an operating certificate issued by Isfahan Province Industry, Mine and Trade Organization. This company with highly experienced team of professionals produces silicate compounds used in the color industry (in marine, industrial, oil and gas coatings) as well as silane coupling agents (used in the adhesive, polymer and silicate aerogels industries) for the first time in Iran. In 2015, the company’s research and development department has expanded its product portfolio and increased its scope of activity to the construction industry by producing lithium-based concrete hardeners. Liquid lithium-based concrete hardeners increase the hardness, impermeability, brilliance, and dust proofing of all types of concrete floors. Applying these kinds of hardeners is very common to make polished concrete floors completely hygienic and brilliant.

In 2016, the company has developed the products portfolio more and began to produce siliconate water repellent materials as well as reactive concrete stain (concrete acid stain) for the first time in Iran. Siliconate water repellents are used to hydrophobicize various building surfaces as well as in the formulation of many water-based polymer coatings. Acid stain colors are also applied to stain cement and concrete surfaces. This type of colors absorbs and reacts with lime concrete to stain the surface.

لوگو کوپل شیمی

Couple Shimi Sepahan knowledge-based Company

as the earliest and the most specialized manufacturing unit of silicate and silicone compounds in Iran, offers its products under the brand name COUPSYL® which is derived from the company name and the type of products (silicate and silicone).

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