Tetra ethyl ortho silicate – COUPSYL® TEOS

تترا اتیل ارتو سیلیکات

Tetra ethyl ortho silicate - COUPSYL® TEOS

Tetra ethyl ortho silicate, also known as tetra ethoxy silane , is a flammable, colorless liquid with a medium boiling point and low viscosity. Ethyl silicate has a pungent odor similar to ethanol and is toxic. It also dissolves in alcohols and most common solvents and is rapidly hydrolyzed and degraded in contact with moisture to form silica powderand releasing ethanol alcohol.

Tetra ethyl ortho silicate belongs to the family of alkoxy silanes and has 4 groups of ethoxy silanes. Tetra ethyl ortho silicate, also known as tetra ethoxy silane, is a basic chemical. It is used in many different industries from pharmaceutical and health industries to petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, foundry industries and many other industries.


Physical and chemical properties

Application of Tetra ethyl ortho silicate - COUPSYL® TEOS

As mentioned above, this material has many uses, some of which are mentioned below.

Production of silicate aerogels

Production of sol-gel

As a hardener for silicone adhesives and resins

Production of pure SiO2 powder

Production of nano silica

In the restoration of historical buildings and waterproofing of building surfaces

Maintenance method

Tetra ethoxy silane or methyl silicate should be stored in the main container in a sealed state in a dry and humid environment at a temperature of 10-30 ° C to prevent evaporation and hydrolysis. In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of water. See a doctor if swallowed. This substance is flammable and its vapors are toxic.

Packaging and shipping

Tetra ethoxy silane can be stored in plastic or metal tanks. This material should be kept away from flame or spark sources. This product is offered in 20 and 200 kg plastic tanks. Due to the absorption of moisture, barley should be kept in the main containers as a seal.

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